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Benefits of Ukrainian Outsourcing Companies

The monumental rise in the use of the internet all across the globe has paved the path for different facilities for many businesses. One of the leading facilities that many companies avail today is the use of remote teams. The remote teams can prove to be highly helpful due to several reasons. For example, our friends from Onix company have a vast knowledge of web and software development. You can check out their website to know what they do and read their blog posts like this article. If you are interested in enhancing the efficiency of your business while reducing the costs, it is time for you to think about hiring a remote team in Ukraine. If this sounds like something you are interested in, you are in the right place. Here will tell you all there is to know about hiring remote teams in Ukraine.

Why hire a remote team?

Firstly, it is crucial to tell you why you need to hire a remote team. Hiring a remote team can provide you various benefits. First of all, one of the most significant benefits of doing so is the rise in the overall level of efficiency of your business. Moreover, if there is an ad hoc scenario where there is an unprecedented workload, you can cater to the situation in a better manner by the use of the remote team. Also, hiring a remote team is an effective way to expand the business capabilities of your company. On top of it, you can also make sure that the costs remain minimal as remote teams may cost less than teams at home country. Lastly, hiring remote teams may provide you further opportunities for expansion due to presence in another region.

How to hire a remote team?

Now that you know why you need remote teams, it is essential to let you know how you can make remote teams. One of the most effective approaches for you to follow in this regard is to hire freelancers. There are scads of benefits of hiring freelancers. One of the most significant benefits is the lower level of costs, as you do not need to maintain an exceptional workplace for them. You can find freelancers at different online platforms. For example, you can get plenty of freelancers at Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. The use of these platforms is every day for hiring freelancers. Also, you can use different sources such as your links in other countries that can help you in hiring a remote team. However, it is essential to mention that hiring freelancers is a better model. Also, one of the best options for you to choose from in Ukraine. Several reasons support this case. One of the essential ideas in favor of Ukraine is the high level of expertise that can be found there. Also, the diverse portfolio of the professionals there reflects the high level of acumen hey posses in the said field.


There are numerous benefits that you can reap by hiring a remote team. The primary purpose of a remote team is to share the workload, expand the operational capabilities of the business and ensure a higher level of profitability by mitigating the costs. All of these factors combined can help your business significantly amplify its performance and subsequently its profits.

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How You Can Benefit from Outstaffing to Ukraine

Ukraine has emerged as a robust IT power since the beginning of the 21st century.  Currently, numerous companies are choosing to outsource to Ukraine web development, mobile app development, and other IT-related tasks. The country is among the 50 leaders in outsourcing activities. According to the stats, Ukraine is a top outsourcing destination in the whole of Eastern Europe and belongs to top-25 IT service exporters.

This article will examine the idea of outstaffing to Ukraine.

Outsourcing vs. Outstaffing

Outsourcing is passing on IT projects, activities or functions to a third-party outsourcing vendor, which has all the necessary resources (personnel and equipment) to see the work done.

Once your vendor has received all the requirements from you, they select the right type of IT specialists to work on your project. The ideal IT outsourcing scenario is when you can hire a PM and the entire software development team from the same IT firm.    


Outstaffing implies hiring remote specialists with certain skills from an outstaffer (outstaffing vendor). It occurs when a company needs to hire more programmers to develop a project, to expand the in-house team, or to reduce the payroll expenses.  

The outstaffing vendor provides the office space and takes care of the taxes while you are in charge of the IT professionals who are working for you. Outstaffing might be of great value if you only need additional software developers and testers while your in-house team does the management.


Outstaffing + Ukraine = Optimal Option


Ukraine is the ideal place when you are looking to outstaff or outsource IT projects. It is a perfect match for IT services for many reasons:

  1. Vast Talent Pool

Ukraine continues to gain a reputation as the tech capital of Eastern Europe. There are up to 172,000 IT specialists in the country. The outsourcing sector engages about 46% of them. Product development employs 29%, and 11% work on outstaffing contracts.

  • The annual number of graduates in IT field is 23,000.
  • The number of service IT-companies is more than 750.
  • The number of service IT-companies with 50+ employees is 245.

More than 60% of local IT organizations are headquartered in Ukraine, 21% have head offices in the US, and 14% – in Europe.

  1. Track Record of Success

Intel, Microsoft, Google, and many other global corporations chose Ukraine for quality IT work. Many of the corporate giants continue to found Research & Development labs there or play key roles in new, disruptive ventures. Grammarly, Petcube, Plarium, TemplateMonster, and others are either based in Ukraine or use Ukrainian dev talent heavily.

  1. Reasonable Price, High Quality

Due to many educated, skilled, and experienced IT workers, outstaffing to Ukraine typically is more cost-efficient than the same type of services in the Western hemisphere. Typically, a developer is paid $34 per hour. Therefore, outstaffing can save you a lot of money without sacrificing quality or convenience.

If you choose to outstaff to Ukraine, you may save money and employ IT talent which is hard to find domestically. But whether it’s Ukraine, Poland, India, or any other country, you should always think thoroughly, carefully interview the candidates, and make sure that they understand your requirements.

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