What Are the Different Types of Window Treatments?

The modification of a window is known as a window treatment. The primary purpose of window treatment is to amplify the aesthetics of a window. There are three main types of window treatments. If you are looking to buy a window shutter, you need to know about these different types of window treatments. However, there is not much information available about this aspect on the internet. So, we’ve contacted the window treatments Charlotte experts to find more info on the topic. If you are in the dark about the window treatments, do not worry, we are here to tell you all about them. The following are the main three types of window treatments.

Hard window treatment

One of the most popular types of window treatment is hard window treatment. Materials like vinyl and wood make for hardwood treatment of window shutters. It is most suitable for fixed slats. One primary feature of hard window treatment is the usage of hinges. The hinges facilitate opening and closing the window. They are usually made out of wood or plastic. By using hard window treatments, you can decide the amount of light that you want. Different aspects like privacy, security and light control fall under the domain of hard window treatments. Another highly beneficial aspect of hard window treatment is that it goes with interior shutters as well as exterior shutters. Interior shutters are those that are on the inside of the window frame. On the contrary, exterior windows shutters are those that are on the outside of the wall.

Soft window treatment

The soft window treatment is another popular option. The primary materials for soft window treatments include curtains, swags, roman shades, and other similar soft material. It may consist of paper or cloth-like material. A soft window treatment is usually on the interior of the window. They can be opaque as well as translucent. It depends upon the usage of the material for making the soft window treatment. The two main classifications of soft window treatments include drapes and curtains.

Layered window treatment

A layered window treatment is the combination of both the types above. It may use a combination of soft and hard material for treatment. The soft material is usually on the inside of the wall while the hard treatment is on the outside. For example, there may be drapes on the inside and wooden shutters on the outside.


The following are some common types of window treatments:

  • Panel tracks
  • Roman shades
  • Vertical blinds
  • Venetian blinds


Now that you know about the different types of window treatments, you can make a better decision about your choice. The top priority must be the design of the room and the window. For example, factor in the color of the walls and choose the window treatment accordingly. Also, make sure that you use adequate material for the treatment. Regardless of your choice, there must be no compromise on the material for window treatment. You do not want to end up with defective window treatments after all these efforts.

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