What to Post on Instagram. 10 Post Ideas to Spice Up Your feed.

Now that you have put your business on Instagram, you have come across a stumbling block: what are the right things to post to improve and keep your Instagram audience active. The good news is, you are in the right place! Truth is, posting the right things at the right time is a very cheap and easy Instagram organic growth service to employ. Not to mention the additional features added to Instagram business accounts to help brands track followers’ reactions to every post. Not only does posting the right things build up your followers, but it also builds a relationship with your audience, this in turn leads to trust and more sales. Need inspiration and tips on how to generate steady and interesting content? Read on!


10 Ideas To Spice Up Your Instagram Feed.

  1. Post behind-the-scene videos. Behind-the-scene videos create a feeling of transparency. For instance, creating and posting a video where employees of a bakery shop are making a new recipe will surely make viewers feel that they were behind the scenes, and will lead to more engagement. Moving on! 
  2. Ask questions. It is widely known that people love answering questions, this is exactly why asking questions on your Instagram stories and feed will yield excellent follower participation. Furthermore, you could make a how-to video. These kinds of videos show visual instructions on how to use a product, and it will offer answers to questions relating to that product.
  3. Use inspirational quotes. There is a lot of pessimism raging social media and the world at large. People like posts that tell them “You can do it!” and anything that elevates their spirit. So, try it out!4. Run giveaways and awards. There is nothing people LOVE more than a social media giveaway. Give free gifts and it will go a long way in making your followers visit your post regularly and invite friends.
  4. Repost user-generated content. Since we are all on to getting maximum user engagement, you should try asking your followers to post their reviews of your products using a hashtag, then repost them. 
  5. Add stickers and collages. The addition of these effects moderately in your posts will surely increase visibility. 
  6. Use Instagram stories to run fleeting offers. These 24-hours posts are very effective when it comes to short offers and deals. It will make your audience hooked to your stories to get the next offer.
  7. Build anticipation using teasers. You can make a teaser video on the ingredients for a new recipe, the launching of new products, or even an interview with an expert. Just don’t forget to add the date it would be happening so your audience can tune in. 
  8. 9. Invent a challenge related to your brand. For instance, a clothing brand can come up with a challenge that’s all about combining clothes from their brand to invent a style. It’s all about keeping the audience entertained and hooked, remember? 
  9. Partner with influencers. Use micro-influencers who have followers that trust them. They charge less and you have a higher chance of selling to their followers.

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